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Vendor Management

  • Vendor Evaluation and Performance Dashboards

    Gain real-time insights into your vendor performance. Identify top-performing partners and areas for improvement, all from a single dashboard
  • Budgeting and Rate Management

    Effortlessly manage budgets and vendor rates. Ensure cost-efficiency while maintaining quality services

Contractual Employee Management

  • Background Verification

    Streamline background checks and verification processes. Ensure a reliable and trustworthy workforce
  • Attendance and Leave Management

    Efficiently track attendance and manage leave requests. Keep your workforce engaged and productive
  • Assisted Payroll

    Simplify payroll management for your contractual employees. Reduce administrative burdens and ensure timely payments

Compliance Management

  • Employee and Payroll Compliance

    Stay compliant with employee and payroll regulations. Our platform automates compliance tasks, reducing risks and fines
  • Vendor and Site Compliance

    Ensure vendor and site compliance effortlessly. Stay on top of regulations and avoid costly penalties

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