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Let our AI-powered solution tailor salaries to your preferences

  • Link salaries to staff based on location, vendor, or role for better management
  • Craft daily or monthly salary plans to match your organizational dynamics and payroll cycle
  • Customize salary elements by injecting ready-made or tailored components
  • Flex your variable salary components to align with performance-driven bonuses or deductions


Immerse in effortless payroll automation with our intelligent platform

  • Simplify how salaries are calculated using CTC or Gross Earnings effortlessly
  • Ensure accurate calculations for backdated and retroactive salaries with precision
  • Easily understand tax breakdowns at your convenience
  • Quickly spot any missing payroll details for a complete overview


Embrace compliance and ease with our futuristic payroll system

  • Auto-access essential statutory registers like PF, ESI, PT, LWF, TDS, and more
  • Effortlessly process payroll while maintaining compliance with cruise control
  • Generate automated invoices for contract employees
  • Enjoy crystal-clear transparency in salary calculations

So, which way would you like to go?