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About goBetter

Meet goBetter, part of the BetterPlace enterprise - the trailblazing full-suite HRMS solution redefining frontline workforce management. From discovery to upskilling, we've got it all covered, ensuring a seamless lifecycle for your frontline heroes. With a unified tech solution that spans APAC, India, and GCC regions, we've transformed 1,500+ businesses across 500 locations.

Our journey is marked by milestones: managing a jaw-dropping $1.5 billion in employee payroll, empowering with 300 million minutes of training, and conducting 20 million+ background verifications via our cutting-edge platform. But what truly drives us is the impact we've had on over 30 million workers and their families, making goBetter more than just a platform – it's a lifeline.

Mission & Vision

We are a technology company that solves complex human capital management challenges for enterprises globally by using state-of-the-art, AI-driven platforms and solutions.

Our Journey So Far

  • 2015 Started our journey Launched BetterPlace Verify
  • 2017 100+ Customers Launched BetterPlace Onboard
  • 2018 Launched BetterPlace Attend 500+ Customers Raised USD 3 million in series A funding Launching BetterPlace Upskill
  • 2020 Launched BetterPlace Hire Raised USD 10 million in series B funding Introduced Integrated HRMS Platform
  • 2021 1,000+ Customers Acquired OustLabs Acquired AasaanJobs Raised USD 24 million in series C funding
  • 2022 Empowered 30 million workers Acquired OkayGo Acquired EzeDox Partnered with British International Investment to upskill 100,000 women by 2024 Raised USD 40 million in series C+ funding
  • 2023 Collaboration with Microsoft BetterPlace enters UAE & SEA Acquires TROOPERS Acquires MyRobin Expanded into the SEA market Launched Fintech services in India

Value Proposition

We Innovate Everyday
Collaborative Environment
Happiness for All
Failure Fosters Creativity
Customer First
We are
One Team

Awards & Recognition

Best Tech Brands
(2022) - ET
Forbes Asia 100 to Watch
Best HR Tech Service Provider
Asia Pacific HRM Congress (2022)
Business World Unicorn Award
Learning Provider of the Year
(2022) - ETHRWorld