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Take control of your attendance management with a fully customizable solution

  • Super flexible site-shifting. Tailor it to suit your preferences
  • Full control of overtime, approvals, and forced logout at your fingertips
  • Your way, every way. Fully configurable to match your vision


A holistic system for online and offline tracking

  • Flexibility in tracking, offline mode for efficient attendance management
  • Geofencing and facial recognition for precise tracking
  • Efficient group management for streamlined attendance marking for groups


Establish a structured and forward-looking staff management strategy

  • Easy-to-use user interface for efficient staff scheduling
  • Quick & easy import of the previous roster
  • Set up shifts, weekly off days, and leaves as per requirements


A comprehensive, data-driven solution to optimize attendance, payroll, and reporting

  • Integrated operations: Muster roll, payroll, and attendance reports
  • Gain real-time insights from multiple locations on the fly
  • Stay informed with automated email alerts to keep managers updated

So, which way would you like to go?